Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Second round of chemo ... whew

Ok, so I know these posts are out of order, but first things first: chemo round two is over, which means I am halfway through!  This time was (obviously) a lot like the first, but it had a chaotic start -- I misread my appointment sheet and thought that we needed to be there by 11am, which is partly true.  Chemo started at 11am, but I needed to be there for labs and to meet with Dr. Gradishar by 9:30.  I discovered this little fact at approximately 9:20am.  Whoops!  We made it there about a half hour late, which definitely put things behind schedule. 

Dr. Gradishar said everything is going well and was happy to hear that everything is going well with Baby G.  The chemo itself went more quickly this time, probably because Lora didn't have to explain everything that was going on this time around.  Because we didn't get started until around noon my darling husband ran down to pick up some lunch for us.  Then we watched Perfect Couples, what used to be our favorite show until it was cancelled last spring (so sad!), until it was time to go. 

As much as I am really getting used to getting blood drawn and IVs put in, I am never going to enjoy it.  But then again I suppose no one really enjoys either one.  The routine was the same as the first one: IV hookup, anti-nausea meds, adriamycin (the scary red one), with cytoxin bringing up the rear.  I felt fine through all of it until the cytoxin; I can definitely feel that one right away.  I got that metallic/medicinal taste in my mouth right away and got that "zombie" feeling that I had after the first round, just not as bad.  We had to leave fairly quickly afterwards because we had our big 20-week ultrasound appointment right after, and there was no way we were going to miss that one!

Since chemo round 2 I've had lots of ups and downs.  I didn't feel as zombie-like as the first time, but I also went to bed just a couple of hours after we got home that evening.  My side effects, with the exception of the fatigue, have been much better this time around.  Almost no heartburn, no metallic taste, etc.  My sister came into town a few days later for the weekend, which was just what I needed (especially since Charlie was out of town for his brother Casey's bachelor party all weekend).  The big accomplishments of our weekend were going to my pre-natal yoga class followed by a quick cardio workout, going to the grocery store, and making dinner that night.  The rest of the weekend was full of lots of lounging and TLC on tv.

Looking back I have to wonder if I somehow overdid it over the weekend because I have been completely and totally exausted this week.  Like exhausted to the point where I had to lay down for a half hour after unloading the dishwasher.  I'm starting to feel like my energy levels are rebounding a bit, but I don't really see being a fully functioning human being this week.  Maybe next week ...

Despite how tired I've been feeling, I'm doing my best to be thankful that the rest of my symptoms are actually pretty great, and that overall I'm lucky to be doing so well.

More posts to come on Baby G's 20-week appointment, shaving my head, getting the wig, and, if I'm feeling up to it, the backstory on getting the wig. 

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